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The Best 1% Who Run the World Innovatively

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Do you wonder how the best 1% of the tech industry has managed to improve everything around us? People like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and others have completely changed the world

Their works have improved living standards and have improved their lifestyle. So, we have an article that will talk about the 1% special people in the world who have changed it forever.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the top inventors in the history of smartphones and will never be forgotten. He is one of the inventors that helped the modern world to get the best inventions.

Apple II

Apple II is one of the best innovations in the 70s that turned out to be among the best personal computers of its time. It was a popular computer that was more of a personal computer for users.


We all know Pixar for the amazing animations it creates and not many know that Steve Jobs was behind it. Steve Jobs bought a small company owned by a Star Wars director and turned it into a film studio. Pixar has won multiple Academy Awards for its productions and it is a great innovation in the animation industry.

Steve Jobs has his brain behind this amazing company that revolutionized the way animations were made.


The iPod is one of the most disruptive innovations of its time that enabled people to listen to music more personally. You could use it as a video and audio player that you could use on the go. The device could be used to download songs from iTunes for low prices.

This innovation made a big new leap in the music industry.


The MacBook is one of the biggest inventions in the computer industry and is known for being better than regular laptops. Steve Jobs was behind this invention and made a big leap into the future of personal computers.

The Macintosh

The Macintosh is one of the most revolutionary inventions in computer technology history. It helped private users with a graphic interface, a mouse, and a keyboard. This innovation led to better versions of computers that helped the industry create the right type of machines.

The iPhone

The iPhone is one of the biggest inventions of history by now and was a complete revolution. This innovation helped users have a great experience with a machine in the palm of their hand. It has changed the way phones were seen and helped innovations get more modern.

Steve Jobs was surely among the best 1% that helped innovation in the industry and will be remembered forever.

Jack Ma

Jack Ma is a great technology company creator that has made new marks in marketing and e-commerce businesses. He is known for having a great stream of innovations in the e-commerce sector and has made a big mark in this industry.

He has made several huge companies that completely revolutionized the way e-commerce was done. Some of his great works are:

Alibaba Pictures Group

Alibaba pictures is one of the top motion companies in China and have invested in numerous movies. Some of their best movies are Gemini Man, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, and Night at the Museum.

Lazada Group

Lazada group is another huge company that Alibaba group owns. It is the largest E-commerce operator that exists in Southeast Asia.


This company was founded in 1999 by 18 tech pioneers with a goal to use the internet for selling, including Jack Ma. The company got major success when it succeeded to get investors into creating big success. It was a high success due to its idea and how it changed e-commerce in the region.

It allowed Chinese consumers to buy goods right from the internet without a need for going somewhere. This made a huge change in the paradigm shift and the way people used to think. Alibaba gained a lot when the Chinese government banned e-commerce companies like Amazon in the country.

They gained a lot from this ban which helped them improve their position. Alibaba is now one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. Jack Ma was the center of all of this innovation and success which surely makes him one of the most disruptive leaders in the modern world.

His efforts and vision have led the world to be a more convenient and advanced place.

Bill Gates

We all know Bill Gates for the revolutionary inventions he has brought to this world. These amazing inventions make him one of the best revolutionaries in the modern world. Some amazing changes and improvements he brought to the world include:

Bill Gates and Paul G Alen created new programming languages that made IBM, contact them for creating a new operating system. They purchased an operating system from another company and modified it to improve it. Also, they named MS-DOS which helped Microsoft get high revenue.

They then went on to create Windows. This invention was so popular that 90 percent of the world’s PCs were running on Windows.  They also created Mac Os by integrating MS-DOS and Windows.

Xbox is another invention that Microsoft has created. Microsoft created this gaming console in the year 2001 and is still known as one of the best consoles in the world. Its success is evident in the amazing results it has.

It is said that it is the most used console in US homes. Bing is another innovation that has really made big vibes in the market with a good market share.

Elon Musk

Elon musk is an American business magnate with multiple companies that are making the future of technology. He is the founder and co-founder of multiple companies that have disruptively changed technology in the world.

He is the chief engineer and CEO at SpaceX and the CEO of Tesla. At the same time, he is a Co-founder of OpenAI.

SpaceX was founded in 2002 that changed the way space rockets were made.

He also founded Tesla in the year 2004 and worked day and night to make it one of the strongest vehicle manufacturing companies in the world. He loves to say that it is one of the very few vehicle manufacturing companies that never went bankrupt.

SpaceX Innovations

SpaceX has challenged the norms of space and rocket science to bring better suits and better rockets. It has completely changed the way astronauts went into space. Even the suits they wore are now way thinner and work well.

SpaceX expeditions also allow tourism into space. Crew Dragon is an amazing option that can take astronauts and tourists into space. On the other hand, Boeing rockets are not as successful as they used to be earlier.

Also, SpaceX expeditions have very low costs as compared to its competitors. They also have reusable rockets that allow space expeditions to be easier and beat their competitors by a huge margin.

This innovation and amazing foresight make SpaceX a great company under the right man. So, Elon Musk is a great visionary with a lot of new ideas that can ignite the future of the world. He has a new way of thinking that sparks his unending stream of ideas.

Final Thoughts

We discussed some of the top visionaries in the world that changed it forever. People like Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates have changed the way people live in this world. They have created new systems that have changed the old ones and have brought results in many industries.

Such geniuses have changed the world since the start of civilizations and will keep on putting in amazing efforts. Their input can really change how the world is built for the better and improve living standards for all.

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