The OpenBots Platform Named a Major Contender in Leading RPA Report

OpenBots Ranked as a Major Contender

Everest Group’s new global RPA market report, “Everest Group Robotic Process Automation Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022,” positioned OpenBots, SAP, and IBM as major contenders, based on an in-depth evaluation of diverse criteria assessing vision, capability, and market impact.

One of the most significant changes is that OpenBots has entered the group as a “Major Contender,” demonstrating momentum in the RPA market. They have surpassed veteran companies and are clearing space on their approach toward other star performers.

Fortune 500 customers are leveraging OpenBots as part of a multi-vendor strategy. The platform’s robust functionality and attractive Zero-Bot License model help enterprises add to their existing automation pipelines while also blending down their total cost of RPA ownership. As existing licenses come up for renewal, OpenBots will continue strategically migrating license-heavy workflows to their platform.

The Everest Group studied 23 RPA technology providers and categorized them as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants. The research helps buyers select the right Intelligent Automation platform for their needs and is an overall gauge of performance in the industry.

The Everest Group has also positioned UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft, SS&C Blue Prism, and NICE as Leaders after years of dominating the market.

Both UiPath and OpenBots are robust enterprise-grade platforms for automating business processes. They both provide essential tools that enable the development and management of a digital workforce (RPA bots). Still, the zero-bot licensing model of OpenBots adds a decisive advantage in the scalability of automated processes.

The value of this platform feature is becoming evident as OpenBots gains more and more traction. Automation pipelines built on UiPath tend to be less ROI-positive due to the expensive licensing cost to orchestrate them. RPA bots historically come with a costly price tag, but OpenBots offers relief at a fraction of the cost of any enterprise platform in the market.



Source: OpenBots

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Magic Sun Farms Joins Blue Demon

One of the most iconic and recognized Mexican wrestlers, Blue Demon will be present as a Magic Sun Farms’ brand ambassador during the Global Produce & Floral Show organized by the International Fresh Produce Association and the Produce Marketing Association. The fighter will be present at the Magic Sun Farms booth (#5475) on Oct. 28 from 1-4 p.m. and on Oct. 29 from 12-2 p.m. taking photos with attendees and signing autographs.

Blue Demon undoubtedly embodies the company’s values: giving the best results in the face of adversity and offering the highest quality standards.

Over the last 14 years, Magic Sun has expanded its growing and research operations to more than 211 acres in Mexico. The company is a pioneer in the use of high-tech greenhouses to offer optimal light conditions and mild weather to develop a year-round supply for a variety of tomatoes with the best quality and flavor.

While using cutting-edge technologies, Magic Sun combines the best of nature with the best of sophisticated systems in greenhouses: engineers rely heavily on bees that pollinate plants in promoting a healthy growing environment and eco-friendly system.

Magic Sun stands out for having its own university (Ceickor University) from which engineers in organic greenhouse agriculture graduate, preparing leaders with a high technological profile.

Some of the key technologies through which Magic Sun guarantees the quality of its products are Integrated Pest Management (proactive protocols to monitor ecosystems and introduce beneficial insects to prey on bugs that damage crops); Efficient Land Use (maximize environmental acreage and highly density plantings with nutrients applied directly to the roots to yield up to 4x more production than conventional farming); and Sophisticated Irrigation Systems (recycling program monitors water absorption to optimize growing conditions to ensure 20x less water used).

“Over the years, the success of this company has been guided by our commitment to leverage our growers’ expertise, our vision to locate produce greenhouses in key optimal agricultural regions, and applying painstaking attention to product quality. Our dream is to deliver the most awesome flavors to consumers,” said Gerardo Lopez, CEO of Magic Sun.

With an exponential growth across the U.S., Magic Sun’s team offers the full range of support services to bring fresh-grown products to consumers through its nationwide network of distributors and retail partners.

About Magic Sun

Magic Sun is a leading hydroponic grower with greenhouses covering over 211 acres of production in Mexico and with presence across the U.S. We produce the healthiest, most flavorful tomatoes, blueberries and bell peppers. We are all about combining the best that Mother Nature offers with emerging new technologies to grow the absolute best products.

Source: Magic Sun Farms

Contact Information

Laura Huerta
Marketing Manager
(804) 918-1781

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business development techniques

As an entrepreneur, you’re often going to be faced with the challenge of how to grow your business and how to get more customers. Luckily, it isn’t as difficult as some might make it sound. These seven business development techniques can help you achieve your goals and increase the likelihood of your company becoming a leader in its field.

Using A CRM

CRMs are a great tool for managing and tracking sales leads. CRMs allow you to collect data on those prospects, track your interactions with them, and generate reports about what stage they’re in when it comes to the buying process. If a lead is not ready to buy today, you can revisit the conversation at a later time to see if their needs have changed or if they have new information that might be relevant to your product or service.
CRMs can also be used as marketing tools. When someone signs up for your newsletter and then fills out a contact form on your website, they will automatically be added as a prospect in your CRM.

Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the best ways to grow your business. It’s not just about self-improvement, but also personal and professional development. You need to know what you’re worth and how you can contribute value to those around you. Do this by setting goals and writing a mission statement that includes:
– What you want to achieve with your company.
– How you plan on achieving it.
– What skills are needed to reach these goals (this will help guide training).
– What kind of environment do employees need?

Learn from Others

1. Create a growth plan. You can’t grow your business without one! Start by identifying the goals you want to achieve and the steps you need to take to get there, then create a plan for how you’ll measure success and how you’ll do it in a sustainable way.
2. Seek out new opportunities. Constantly look for ways to find new opportunities for your business, whether it’s through talking to people about what they’re looking for or seeking out new trends in your industry or market sector that might offer an opportunity for expansion.
3. Expand your network of contacts.

Build Great Relationships

Building a strong network is a great way to grow your business. But don’t just build relationships with people because you want something from them. Build relationships because you genuinely enjoy talking to people and the time spent chatting with them is worth it. The more connections you have, the easier it will be to find someone who can help you when needed.
Earning Trust (seven sentences)
Trust is vital in any relationship and it’s important that your clients trust your company enough to buy what you’re selling or work with you in some capacity. You need to earn their trust by being honest and transparent about everything, including prices, fees, terms, etc.

Be Inclusive

1) Build a strong team. A team will help you accomplish more than if you were to do it alone.
2) Find a mentor or advisor who has expertise in your industry or business model and is willing to coach you through the process.
3) Generate ideas for new projects, as well as ways to capitalize on current projects.
4) Conduct market research and conduct customer surveys, which can help you learn what your customers want from your company and how they feel about your company’s products and services.
5) Analyze the competition, including their successes and failures, so that you know where the opportunities are for improvement in the marketplace.
6) Create an online presence by building a website, participating in social media, and building an online following.
7) Get involved with other organizations in your industry to get exposure within the community and gain valuable contacts.

Give Back

1. Join forums and groups in your industry. Meet other business owners, share your experiences, and get feedback.
2. Keep up with the latest trends in your industry by reading articles and blogs on a regular basis.
3. Attend seminars or conferences to stay on top of the latest developments in your industry (or industries you’re looking to branch out into).
4. Connect with bloggers or influencers in your field who might be able to help you establish yourself as a thought leader or expert.
5. Offer webinars related to the topics that matter most to prospects within your target market, whether through an existing platform or by starting one of your own like a YouTube channel.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

You may have heard that opportunity only knocks once, but this is not always true. The truth of the matter is that opportunity can knock on your door more than once. Sometimes, you may not be ready to seize it when it first arrives. But don’t let that stop you from being prepared for the next time opportunity comes knocking!
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The business landscape in the United States has undergone quite a transformation in recent years. Old favorites have fallen by the wayside, and new names have popped up to take their place atop the list of biggest companies in America. In fact, many of today’s top companies didn’t even exist 15 years ago! To give you an idea of how much the business world has changed, we’ve put together this list of 5 businesses that flourished in the U.S. this year. Read on to find out which companies made the cut.

1) Garbage Plastics Recycling

recyclable Garbage heaps

Waste plastic has become a real problem, but it is also an opportunity to help you start your own small business. The best business development in the USA is to remove the plastic in the shape of recycling. There are a lot of waste companies out there that want your plastic trash because they can make money by recycling. So if you have some space and some time on your hands, why not give these businesses some money by collecting their trash for them? Doing so will leave you with extra cash and spare time to do whatever you want. So get started today! The earlier you begin, the sooner you’ll be raking in piles of money. You’re just a few hours away from living your dream life as a self-made entrepreneur. What could be better than that? Start right now by picking up your first load of recyclable materials! If you need some more advice about how to become a garbage man, check out our guide How To Become A Garbage Man: An Ultimate Guide For Those Who Want To Work With Trash. It covers everything you need to know about becoming a professional junk collector and getting paid well while doing it.

2) Music Streaming

click on music

In 2006, a young Swedish startup called Spotify rocked onto the scene by offering users an all-you-can-eat approach to music streaming. Users could listen to any song on-demand for free, or they could sign up for a $10 per month subscription plan that would remove ads and allow them to download songs to their devices. The company now boasts more than 70 million users worldwide, and its paid subscriber base has swelled from zero percent to 20 percent in just four years. With these kinds of results, it’s no wonder other companies are trying to replicate Spotify’s success—and succeeding. Pandora is another example of a popular digital radio service that lets users create custom stations based on artists or songs. It’s also available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS systems.

3) Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery service

The classic pizza business. Don’t have time to cook? Want your meal piping hot and ready for you when you walk through your door? Pizza delivery allows both businesses and customers to hit a home run. Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods, so there’s no shortage of people ready to take it off your hands! In terms of risk, pizza delivery has some of the lowest food-safety concerns—but make sure you understand how delivery works before jumping into a partnership. For example, will you be delivering or will they? How much are they charging per order? What percentage are you getting on each sale? These details can vary wildly depending on who you’re working with. Make sure that you know what to expect upfront. You may also want to read about franchising as an option. If you’re not interested in starting a new restaurant from scratch but still want to own a pizzeria, franchising may be right for you. You could also go big by opening multiple locations at once! If that sounds like too much work (and overhead), consider partnering with someone else who already owns locations nearby and focus on just supplying those stores instead of opening new ones yourself.

4) Mobile App Development

mobile app development

What good is a smartphone if you don’t have great apps to run on it? To give your customers (or potential customers) exactly what they want, look into developing an app. While it may seem like a more expensive way to get going (getting an app built can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $200,000), it might be worth considering: The global mobile market is expected to grow by more than 38 percent over 2013 by 2017. And with Google Play and Apple App Store revenues set to reach $38 billion in 2014, there’s no better time to develop a killer app. If building one yourself seems too daunting of a task, consider working with someone who already has experience creating apps for businesses—and ask them how much their services would cost.

5) Online Sports Betting

online sports betting services

A decade or so ago, if you told anyone that you bet on sports online, you’d be greeted with one of two responses: scorn or awkward silence. These days, though, there’s no more awkward silence. In fact, many people can barely conceal their excitement when they talk about sports betting online—and it’s not hard to see why. The convenience and ease of placing a wager from home are unparalleled by any other form of gambling. It doesn’t matter what time it is; all you need is an Internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. And unlike traditional bookies which are only open during business hours (and even then, only five days per week), online sportsbooks are available 24/7/365. You don’t even have to leave your house! You simply log onto your favorite sportsbook website, place your bets, watch some games and wait for your winnings to roll in. What could be easier? But let’s back up for a second. How did we get here? Where did online sports betting come from? Well, it came from humble beginnings.

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Marketwise Is Now Operating In Massachusetts

Marketwise In Massachusetts

Marketwise Valuation Services, a regional appraisal management company headquartered in Florida, announced today the company’s expansion into the state of Massachusetts and licensed by the Massachusetts Division of Occupational Licensure Board of Real Estate Appraisers. This marks a major milestone in the company’s expansion efforts nationwide. Marketwise Valuation Services now offers residential and commercial valuation services to lending partners through its network of appraisers in several states across the country.

Marketwise Valuation Services delivers a comprehensive suite of valuation and appraisal management services to banks, lenders and other firms across the country powered by innovative management technology tools. Utilizing industry-leading vendor management software, the company ensures a complete audit trail throughout the entire appraisal process and provides a compliant communication system between lenders, Marketwise, and vendors.

“At Marketwise, we look to provide the best possible services throughout our portfolio,” said Parker Little, Managing Director, The Marketwise Group. “We are excited to bring our commitment to quality and service, which sets us apart in our industry, to our partners in Massachusetts and beyond as we continue to scale MVS.”

The Division of Occupational Licensure of Massachusetts sets minimum requirements based on criteria set by the federal government and Massachusetts law, ensuring licensed appraisers in the state are qualified and experienced to perform appraisals, including in federally related real estate transactions. The Licensing Unit performs background checks on appraisal management companies, ensuring applicants meet minimum education and experience requirements and successfully complete a nationally approved examination.

About Marketwise Valuation Services

Marketwise Valuation Services, a portfolio company of The Marketwise Group, provides an innovative and comprehensive suite of valuation and commercial appraisal management services to banks, lenders and other mortgage industry firms. Marketwise’s commitment to quality and service, embodied by our “always-on” approach to clients and appraisers, sets us apart in our industry. As a boutique appraisal management company, we believe in fast, responsive, and accurate customer service to provide our partners with the results they expect.

Learn more

Marketwise Valuation Services:

Source: Marketwise Valuation Services

National report finds increasing numbers of Pennsylvania schools are reaping the benefits of going solar as new federal funding and assistance become available

national report on schools

According to a new national report on schools’ adoption of solar published last week by nonprofit Generation180, Pennsylvania ranked 11th in the nation for the amount of solar installed by its K-12 schools, climbing up from 13th place two years ago. Since 2020, the amount of solar installed by Pennsylvania schools more than doubled from 14.5 MW to 29 MW, enough clean power to reduce carbon dioxide emissions equal to taking 5,000 gas powered vehicles off the road.

In the report, Brighter Future: A Study of Solar on K-12 Schools, 4th edition, Pennsylvania ranked 20th in the country for the number of schools with solar. The Commonwealth jumped up five spots in the rankings in two years due to 70% growth in the number of solar schools since 2020, rising from 63 to 107 solar schools.

The growth of solar adoption by Pennsylvania schools reflects the national trends reported on by Generation180. Since 2015, the amount of solar installed by nationwide K-12 schools has tripled and the number of schools with solar has doubled. Today, over 6 million students now attend more than 8,400 schools nationwide that utilize solar power. Solar energy offsets electricity at nearly 1 in 10 (9%) K-12 schools in the United States.

Across the country, schools with budgets of all sizes are going solar through third-party partnerships that remove the barrier of upfront costs and help schools see immediate energy cost savings. The report found that 87% of solar power installed at U.S. schools was funded through these third-party arrangements and the remainder was purchased and owned directly by schools. Generation180 found that the use of third-party ownership to fund solar projects for schools is also growing in Pennsylvania. Between 2020-2022, nearly three-quarters of solar capacity installed at statewide schools used this funding mechanism that requires little-to-no upfront costs for schools.

“Pennsylvania is poised to become a leader in solar adoption by schools,” said Shannon Crooker, Pennsylvania Director of Generation180. “Over the past two years, school districts across the state have doubled down on solar energy to balance their budgets and save millions in long-term energy costs. Now is the time for all Pennsylvania schools to access the financial, educational, and community benefits of going solar.”

The report findings come at a time of unprecedented momentum and historic federal investment in clean energy that will accelerate solar adoption by schools. The passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will set up a $500 million fund that will be distributed as grants for energy upgrades at public schools. The new Inflation Reduction Act allocates $369 billion towards building a clean energy economy and enables schools and other tax-exempt entities to receive a direct payment valued at 30% of the cost of a solar energy project.

Generation180 has recently announced free resources to make it easier for Pennsylvania schools to switch to solar. Through a partnership with Pennsylvania Solar Center, schools can enroll in the G.E.T. Solar for Schools program and receive free technical assistance and guidance through every step of the solar procurement process.

For a copy of the report, B-roll, and digital assets, please visit this link.

About Generation180
Generation180 is a national nonprofit working to inspire and equip people to take action on clean energy in their homes, schools, and communities. Instead of the doom and gloom of a warming planet, Generation180 is focused on the unparalleled opportunity for a cleaner, healthier, and more equitable clean energy future.

Our Solar for All Schools (SFAS) campaign is leading a movement nationwide to help K-12 schools reduce energy costs, enhance student learning, and foster healthier communities for all. SFAS is expanding access to solar by providing resources and support to school decision-makers and community advocates, building peer-to-peer networks, and advocating for stronger solar policies.

Learn more at

Kay Campbell
+1 434-987-2572
Visit us on social media:

Source: Generation180

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TerraStream Enables Xplore to Get Data to Market Faster

Explore fonder & COO - Lisa Rich

SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (“SkyWatch“), a Kitchener-based space technology startup, and Xplore Inc., a commercial space company providing Space as a Service®, today announced they have signed a partnership agreement. The partnership will accelerate Xplore’s commercial data distribution strategy and expand the diversity of accessible sensor data for the remote sensing market and new applications.

By leveraging TerraStream, Xplore eliminates the expense of building and managing complex and costly IT infrastructure, thereby reducing associated risks to platform design and data distribution. Xplore Founder and Chief Operating Officer Lisa Rich said, “With TerraStream, Xplore can focus on its mission to collect exquisite data products from space for our analytics customers.”

TerraStream offers satellite data providers like Xplore an end-to-end solution to distribute their data products. Data providers on TerraStream can monitor current demand for Earth Observation data or other remote sensing data, track open and fulfilled orders, and monitor performance with real-time dashboards.

“Our team delivers a data distribution solution for remote sensing applications that is second to none,” said Cristian Sternat, Director of Business Development at SkyWatch. “We are honored that Xplore has chosen SkyWatch to handle this critical element of their business.”

Xplore’s partnership with TerraStream opens up new markets and provides an accelerated path to revenue growth by connecting to EarthCache, SkyWatch’s remote sensing platform. Selling data on EarthCache offers a practical and economical way to grow revenue from our global remote sensing data marketplace.

The addition of Xplore’s various datasets, which include optical, hyperspectral and video sensor data, enriches the diversity of sensor data for the remote sensing market all within a single solution with a flexible, pay-per-use pricing model for remote sensing data customers.

To learn more about TerraStream, visit

About SkyWatch
SkyWatch is on a mission to make Earth Observation and remote sensing data accessible to the world. Hundreds of trillions of pixels of our planet are captured from space every day. Drawing on the team’s past experience in space data aggregation software, we are building the infrastructure to connect satellite data operators and application developers. The company raised a $17.2 million USD Series B in 2021 and is expected to double in size in the next 18 months.

About Xplore Inc.
Xplore provides Space as a Service®, offering data products, sensor tasking, mission operations software and payload hosting as a service to our customers. Xplore uses its highly-capable XCRAFT® platform to provide these services to government and commercial customers. The company operates out of its 22,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Redmond, Washington. Visit:

SkyWatch Media Contact
Kelly Winter
Senior Director, Marketing
(519) 498-1997

Xplore Media Contact
Allie Hannigan
(425) 477-9455

Source: SkyWatch

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Heather Shelton Joins Savvy Cleaner as Publicist After Raising a Family

Heather Shelton

Savvy Cleaner is encouraging the corporate world to embrace moms returning to work after raising families. “Companies tend to overlook women that have resume gaps. There seems to be a stigma that returning moms are less valuable, or their knowledge and talents are not valid,” says Savvy Cleaner’s CEO, Angela Brown. “We believe that life experience brings problem-solving solutions to the workplace. Heather Shelton was a natural fit for our Publicist position,” adds Brown.

According to the National Women’s Law Center, “women who were mothers were recommended for significantly lower starting salaries, perceived as less competent, and less likely to be recommended for hire than non-mothers.”

Mothers Have Transferable Skills to the Workplace

“We recognize and honor that mothers have been running a family, balancing finances, juggling schedules, and navigating a range of mood swings and growing pains that come from raising children. All of these skills,” says Angela Brown, “are needed when dealing with fast-paced deadlines and difficult customers. Women lead families by inspiring, encouraging, and resolving conflicts. All of those skills are interchangeable and easily transferable from home to work.”

Having built Savvy Cleaner from the ground up, Angela Brown believes dismissing women in the workplace isn’t just wrong, it’s bad business. According to Peterson Institute for International Economics, “Women leaders could improve company performance in multiple ways. Greater skills diversity amongst the company leadership may improve management performance.”

“Savvy Cleaner, like other companies its size, has growth challenges that need a leader who can stay level-headed in the daily chaos of small business. Heather Shelton is that person,” adds Angela Brown. “Jumping into her role of managing brand deals, press and media interviews, guest appearances, and social media you would think she is a magician – not just a mother of three and a doting grandma.”

About Heather Shelton

Since moving to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012, Heather Shelton has shared her love for writing by teaching classes to the local homeschool community and reading to the elderly in assisted living centers. When asked about her new employment, Shelton beamed, “The entire Savvy Cleaner team makes me feel welcome. This company is changing the cleaning world, and I am honored to be along for the ride.”

About Savvy Cleaner

Savvy Cleaner ( is a training and certification program for house cleaners and maids. They started the Ask a House Cleaner show on YouTube in 2017 to raise the standards of house cleaning through proper training, tools, and techniques.

Sally Naidu
Director of Media & PR
Savvy Cleaner

Source: Savvy Cleaner

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Fandeli, a family-owned business, is expanding from Mexico to the United States

Fandeli Logo

The National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA) is excited to announce high-performance coated abrasives manufacturer Fandeli has joined the association.

“As a proudly Mexican company, we are excited to be taking on this new challenge and making a difference in all Hispanic contractor markets in the USA,” said Enrique Telles, Marketing Director of Fandeli.

This new partnership also marks Fandeli’s arrival to the U.S. market after serving customers in Mexico and around the world since 1927.

“For over 95 years, we have been the only producer of coated abrasives in Mexico, and we are so excited to bring our expertise to our American neighbors. We look forward to the relationships that being a part of NAHICA will help us form as we get to know our new community,” said Enrique Telles – Fandeli.

Fandeli’s storied history and global distribution network have provided more than 15,000 coated & bonded abrasive products to different market niches, including the aeronautical, textile, automotive, glass, construction, wood, metals, plastics, and flooring industries.

The National Hispanic Contractors Association is a Houston-based organization that works to establish Hispanic contractors as the preferred partner of choice in all industries for manufacturers, residential, and commercial builders.

NAHICA provides the following services to its partners:

  • A website to access current construction projects.
  • Access to NAHICA’s extensive network of contacts and job listings.
  • Events and conferences to allow established and growing contractors to discover significant commercial, industrial, residential, and engineering projects while networking with leading companies.
  • Training workshops and classes to teach the latest innovations in construction.
  • Discounts on professional services and materials, including financial, legal, and marketing, certifications, and building materials.

To learn more about The National Hispanic Contractors Association, please visit

About the National Hispanic Contractors Association

The National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA) aims to firmly establish Hispanic Contractors as a preferred partner choice in all industries for manufacturers, residential, and commercial builders by helping the Latin construction community connect, grow, and have adequate resources to gain support from established businesses. The organization is focused on opening opportunities for growth for subcontractors in the construction industry.

About Fandeli

We are a family business, originally from Mexico, with sales offices and a warehouse in Houston since 1987, with a global presence in more than 30 countries and many manufacturing industries. We have the most extensive coverage in Hardware, Home Centers, Self Service, and specialized Retail Stores industries such as automotive and paint stores. At Fandeli, our priority is to ensure your total satisfaction in the use and application of our products. We always offer you the best quality sandpaper and abrasive products, as well as continuous customer service and technical support.

To learn more about Fandeli, please visit, and check out the Special Program for all contractors in the USA.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Sergio Terreros, PR

Source: National Hispanic Contractors Association