Blockchain has acquired mainstream relevance, propelled by the technology’s widespread adoption across the banking and public finance sector for enhanced security, says the HashCash Chief.

The banking and financial services sector has undoubtedly been one of the biggest adopters of blockchain technology. HashCash Consultants’ Chief Raj Chowdhury highlights blockchain’s inherent ability to reduce fraudulent transactions, explaining how the feature is a prominent factor behind the global adoption of distributed ledger technology, particularly in public financial systems.

Research forecasts suggest global blockchain expenditure will reach $67.4 billion by the end of 2026 at 68.4% CAGR, contributing over $1.76 trillion to the global GDP by 2030. Banking and financial services remain the top spending sector in blockchain, contributing to almost 30% of the total expenditure. Other than fraud prevention, blockchain also facilitates instant settlements, capital optimization, smart contract enforceability, reduced counterparty risks, manual errors, and reconciliation, and offers increased transparency.

The HashCash CEO, also a noted blockchain pioneer, explains, ”The performance of decentralized blockchain architecture is proportional to the number of available network members. The underlying crypto platform offers real-time transaction visibility based on permissioned access along with hassle-free provisions for eKYC and auditing, leading to improved overall service.”

Blockchain utilizes secure data encryption, with multiple security layer additions. The data can be read only by permissioned members. In addition, time-stamped data transaction records are immutable and tamper-proof, eliminating any chance of fraudulent activity. Attempts, if any, are flagged immediately and the existing data is left undamaged.

“Innovations such as blockchain empower public finance managers with greater visibility and control of public fund utilization in real-time. Efficient use of public money will lead to improved services for the public, economic boost, and improvement of the community as a whole”, remarked Chowdhury, who had previously spoken on blockchain’s potential in reducing India’s logistics cost, and the crypto’s potential in Latin America.

Led by Chowdhury, HashCash Consultants has been a global leader winning multiple awards in blockchain development. The US-based company has deployed blockchain-powered solutions in more than 26 nations across 6 continents. HashCash’s HC Corporate Payment Solution is finding increased uses in B2B transactions. Meanwhile, the company’s globally acclaimed white label exchange solutions have been recently used in Vietnam.

Blockchain’s rise as one of the most disruptive technological innovations is driven by its multiple practical advantages. Organizations around the world can leverage technology for better business outcomes and opportunities.

About Raj Chowdhury:

Raj Chowdhury is the Managing Director of HashCash Consultants and a Blockchain pioneer. Raj pioneered the first interbank Trade Finance and Remittance implementation of Blockchain Technology between two of the largest global banks. Raj is a prominent voice in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space and actively engages with policymakers in this area. He is a contributor to Economic Times, Business World, and CNNMoney and advises industry leaders in the adoption of Blockchain. He is a member of Asha Silicon Valley, a nonprofit committed to education for children in emerging countries. Author of the book ‘The Dark Secret of the Silicon Valley’, Raj is an investor in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies and an active member of the philanthropic community.

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Innovative trading platform Margex has announced the launch of a News Trading Competition with a prize pool of $50,000

Margex prize pool

Margex, a digital asset trading and investment platform that provides access to state-of-the-art trading infrastructure globally, has announced the launch of a news trading competition with a prize pool of $50,000.

Margex Launches a News Trading Competition

Innovative trading platform Margex has announced the launch of a news trading competition with a prize pool of $50,000. 400 entrants will share the prizes in the following categories:
AirUSD Trading – participants using Risk-Free AirUSD balance
– Top-200 PnL – will receive $50 in USDT each
Futures Trading – participants using Real Balance
– Top-200 PnL – will receive $200 in USDT each
400 participants will receive real USDT prizes. Rewards received will be available for trading, staking with 11.15% APY and withdrawing.

Margex’s news trading competition helps crypto traders learn to understand and put world economic news in practice

Participants have two options available – risk-free trading with AirUSD and using their own Margex balances for trading.

Margex’s goal is that through this competition, participants will better understand how the global economic situation affects the cryptocurrency market. This knowledge can help participants increase their income within the cryptocurrency margin trading.

Prizes won by participants will be available for trading, staking with 11.15% APY, and withdrawing.

Margex, the first boutique exchange in crypto, was established in 2019 to develop a world-class trading platform offering the most robust trading solutions, with up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Uniswap, Litecoin, and other popular digital assets. Margex is trusted by the trading community, with a rapidly-growing loyal user base.

Follow Margex on FacebookTwitterTelegram, and YouTube, or join the Margex team.

Contact Information

Nico Koch
Margex Trading Solutions Ltd
Victoria, Mahe

Margex has increased trading options for users by adding three new tokens, which include Avalanche, USDT (AVAX), USDC (AVAX)

Margex introduced Avalanche, USDT, USDC

Margex, a digital asset trading and investment platform that provides access to a cutting-edge trading infrastructure worldwide, has announced three new types of cryptocurrencies which can be used as collateral for crypto margin trading.

Margex Adds Support For Avalanche, And Avalanche-based Stablecoins

The innovative Margex trading platform has introduced support for three new digital assets for use as collateral when opening leveraged long and short positions on a variety of cryptocurrency trading pairs.

The rapidly growing list of collateral assets now includes Avalanche (AVAX), and Avalanche-based versions of Tether (USDT.e) and USD Coin (USDC.e) stablecoins.

Avalanche is the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry, offering unparalleled speed and convenience to Margex users.

New Collateral Assets Let Crypto Holders Access Staking, Trading, And More

The new digital asset collateral support means Margex users have more options available than ever before. All supported collateral assets can be used for margin trading, staking, or the Margex-exclusive trade while the staking feature allows crypto holders to use a staking balance as collateral.

Margex is regularly adding new features and platform improvements. A crypto price alerts tool was also recently launched, enabling notifications when crypto prices, market cap levels, or Ethereum gas fees pass user-specified thresholds. The tool is free to use and notifications are unlimited.

The newly added digital assets can be used as collateral starting immediately. To learn more about support for Avalanche, and Avalanche-based USDT and USDC, visit the official website for additional information.

Margex, the first boutique exchange in crypto, was established in 2019 to develop a world-class trading platform offering the most robust trading solutions, with up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Uniswap, Litecoin, and other popular digital assets. Margex is trusted by the trading community, with a rapidly-growing loyal user base.

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Nico Koch
Margex Trading Solutions Ltd
Victoria, Mahe
Website: Visit Our Website

Mars Masters is aiming to become the de facto software solution company for emerging web 3.0 projects. The company – which already has offices in Dubai, Turkey, and Estonia – prides itself as a global spanning, innovative digital services company

Mars Master's Web 3.0


Mars Masters is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of dynamic solutions that can benefit both large corporations and small-scale businesses. Mars Masters is particularly notable for its prowess within the blockchain sector, where they have been able to benefit and enhance many projects at every stage of growth.

The company itself benefits from a wealth of experience shared amongst a dedicated team of talented individuals that consists of designers, solidity developers, blockchain experts and web creators, who all combine to offer a diverse and comprehensive number of services. These solutions include the creation of unique smart contracts for cryptocurrency and NFT projects, intuitive and innovative web, mobile, and desktop application creation, and dedicated software and/or blockchain development. The diversity of offerings is limited only by the requirements of the company, as the team at Mars Masters pride itself on being able to produce whatever software solution their clients need.

The project is also making its mark on the Decentralized Finance space through the creation of its groundbreaking staking platform, known as POOL. The site has been created with vast scalability in mind and is planned to eventually become an umbrella platform where multiple other projects can house their own staking pools, safely and with confidence. In the same efforts to improve space for all, Mars Masters houses its own direct investment arm, where innovative new projects and ideas can receive funding from the company itself. They will subsequently be provided access to the dedicated launchpad, which will guide the growing business through every phase of its evolution from inception to deployment, ensuring its success in the market.

Given that the DeFi space largely suffers from duplication of effort issues, the company hopes to provide its comprehensive digital solution packages to legitimate projects in the space, allowing them to free up more time to work in other areas, while Mars Masters ensures that they have everything they need to become a sustainable company in the space. For more information, you can contact the company via email

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Eric Brown
The Beckley Foundation
Chicago, IL USA
Voice: 07960044904

The Solana-Based Protocol Allows Employees to Be Paid in USDC or Other Stablecoins by the Second

Zebec Launch Rollup Chain

With Solana’s repeated run-ins with bots and outages, it affects not just traders but projects building on top of Solana. Zebec is becoming the largest business-facing protocol on Solana, with over 200 Solana projects utilizing Zebec. With the rigid demand for payment applications, Zebec is proud to announce the launch of its own rollup chain using Eclipse technology.

Multi-chain development is inevitable. Hence, Zebec brings Eclipse to become the infrastructure of multiple public chains and brings many allies and users to Zebec.

Eclipse offers high-powered, modular rollups. As a rollup, Eclipse does not have its own Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus. Removing this bottleneck enables Eclipse to reach far higher execution speeds than what is possible for an L1.

The Eclipse execution layer is forked from Solana’s execution layer. This includes features such as Solana’s virtual machine (extended Berkeley Packet Filter or eBPF), parallel processing of transactions (Sealevel), and pipelining (transaction processing unit) and will enable Solana dApps to go multichain and access inter-blockchain communication.

The eclipse will be deployed to Cosmos as a sovereign rollup. Eclipse enables a variety of dApps on Cosmos that are not possible right now, such as Stream Payments, Trading real-world assets (RWAs) with sizeable oracle data, notifications, and messaging.

The team anticipates a public testnet to go live in early 2023. The network will be launched with support from the Celestia ecosystem, and Zebec will serve as a lighthouse use case for the Eclipse architecture.

Launched in November 2021 by Sam Thapaliya, Zebec is backed by several well-known crypto VCs such as Coinbase Ventures, Solana Ventures, Alameda Research, Circle, Lightspeed, and others.

The protocol has raised over $28 million in funding so far, including a $15 million venture round earlier this year.

After the announcement of the launch of the BNB Chain on September 25, users will be able to use the payment service on EVM Chain other than Solana, officially announcing Zebec’s cross-chain journey and kicking off the Zebec Chain. To further improve trading, Zebec Chain will work with Eclipse in-depth, using Optimistic Rollup and ZK Rollup technology to enable transaction speeds of up to 700,000 TPS, achieving higher execution speeds than L1.

With Web2 Payment Partners joining the Zebec Ecosystem, Visa, the largest multinational financial services company by market share, has launched the ZBC Debit Card. Zebec’s hard-line meta-payments are set to become a legendary Web3 infrastructure, adding endless possibilities to global payment applications and accelerating the future of frictionless transactions.

With this launch, Zebec will also initiate Operation Horizon to expand our ecosystem with the help of our firm and supportive community members, with early contributors being eligible for rewards and revenue sharing. Details of Operation Horizon will be announced in the near future.

Join Zebec and follow Zebec’s Twitter.


Crypto Muse Ventures 


Source: Zebec

Global crypto exchange platform PayBito has recently added TFUEL, and XTZ cryptocurrencies to its asset list to improve user experience, and boost trading activities.

PayBito Adds TFUEL and XTZ
PayBito Adds TFUEL and XTZ to Its Asset List

PayBito is a global crypto exchange platform that has recently announced adding several cryptocurrencies to its exchange. Last week, PayBito added EOX, AVAX, TRAX, AGRO, NEAR, VET, THETA, and VTHO to its asset list. The exchange has also announced adding TFUEL, and XTZ to its exchange and provide a better user experience.

Although the crypto market is undergoing a harsh winter since the beginning of 2022. There has been a steady growth among traders. With the present global economic crisis, many countries are adopting cryptocurrency and legalizing them in their countries. PayBito is a US-based crypto trading platform, that is globally recognized for its innovative features and underlying blockchain technology. The platform holds some of the worlds dominating and popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, SHIBA, Ripple, Litecoin, AVX, EOS, TRX, AGRO, NEAR, VTHO, VET, and many more. After adding TFUEL and XTZ, the platform owns more than 45 cryptocurrencies and aims to boost trading activities and optimize its user experience.

Chief of PayBito and a Blockchain maximalist, Mr. Raj Chowdhury asserts, “the global crypto market size is expected to reach $4.94 billion by 2030. The global recession has set a positive impact on the crypto market. PayBito is expanding its asset list, in the hope to boost trading activities in the platform and improve user experience”. He has also highlighted the importance of blockchain analytics and optimizing crypto investigations.

PayBito is a US-based global crypto exchange platform recognized for its underpinned blockchain architecture. PayBito provides a seamless trading experience, with high-end security, and 24/7 customer support in several languages. The platform is updated regularly and focuses on securing investor assets. PayBito has set some eligibility standards for the cryptocurrencies added to the platform, to ensure the safety and security of the users investing in the assets. The exchange also plans to add more currencies in the future.

The global crypto exchange platform PayBito is recognized worldwide for its innovative solutions and products. The platform lately added AVAX, EOS, TRX, AGRO, NEAR, VET, VTHO, THETA, TFUEL, and XTZ to its asset list. PayBito offers its innovative white-label crypto exchange solutions for enterprises and institutional investors planning to venture into the crypto trading business. PayBito has recently launched its new crypto broker platform and is providing instant crypto exchange with over 400+ crypto markets and 20+ fiat currencies.


One of the two native tokens of the THETA blockchain network is TFUEL, also knowns as Theta Fuel. TFUEL is the second token of the network that is utilized as a utility token in data delivery, and decentralized videos and acts as a gas token. The token is utilized to power all activities conducted on the blockchain network. The Theta Ecosystem was founded by Jiyei Long, and Mitch Liu in 2017, and has 0.03% market dominance.


TEZOS is a blockchain network based on smart contracts, that aims to offer improvement and evolution over time without any danger of a hard fork. The currency of the network is known as XTZ, and allows users to vote for protocol upgrades proposed by the developers of the network.

The current economic condition of the countries worldwide has led to massive cryptocurrency acceptance around the world. There are more than 300 million crypto asset owners around the world, and the number is only going to increase in the coming years. Although the crypto market has been down since the beginning of 2022, the traders are positive for a better outcome by the end of the year.

  • About PayBito:

PayBito is a leading cryptocurrency asset trading platform operating globally. The platform is designed and managed by a team with rich experience in Banking security systems, Cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology. It is available in the web version as well as in iOS and Android stores. PayBito services include a white-label cryptocurrency exchange, white-label payment gateway, exchange affiliate, and coin listing. PayBito offers some of the best rates and top-notch security in the crypto world.

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Global crypto exchange platform, PayBito adds VET, THETA, and VTHO to its asset list to boost trading activities and improve the user experience on the trading platform.

PayBito Adds VET, VTHO, and THETA
PayBito Adds VET, VTHO, And THETA

PayBito has been positive about adding new cryptocurrencies to its exchange. The globally acclaimed crypto exchange platform has been adding new coins to its list. After TRX, NEAR, and AGRO, PayBito plans to add three new cryptocurrencies to its asset list including VET, VTHO, and THETA. The platform aims to provide a positive user experience and boost trading activities.

Even in the current crypto bear market, there has been a steady activity observed in exchange platforms. PayBito is a US-based crypto exchange platform that is built on blockchain technology and provides innovative features that are updated from time to time. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies that are already dominating the market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, SV, Ripple, SHIBA, AVAX, EOS, TRX, NEAR, AGRO, etc are available in PayBito. The addition of THETA, VET, and VTHO offers new opportunities to the users and improves the activity in the globally acclaimed platform.

Chief of PayBito and a Blockchain maximalist, Mr. Raj Chowdhury asserts, “Cryptocurrency market has seen massive adoption in 2021, and is expected only to grow in 2022. The current bear market has not affected the daily trading volume. Adding new coins to the asset list, PayBito is affirmative and expects to observe an increase in trading activities in their global exchange platform”. He has also highlighted the importance of blockchain analytics and optimizing crypto investigations.

PayBito is a US-based globally recognized crypto exchange platform mainly for its state-of-the-art blockchain architecture. The platform delivers a seamless trading experience with high-end security features and 24/7 customer support in multiple languages. The exchange is updated at regular intervals and focuses on investors’ asset security. Any currency that PayBito adds undergoes multiple standards to be eligible for the platform and available for the users. This ensures the absolute safety of the users investing in the assets. PayBito is planning to extend its asset chart by adding new cryptocurrencies to the exchange.

The US-based exchange is recognized globally for its success with cryptocurrencies. The platform recently added AVAX, EOS, TRX, AGRO, NEAR, VET, THETA, and VTHO to its list. The platform offers its ingenious white-label crypto exchange solutions for institutional investors and enterprises who are planning to start their trading platforms. The platform has also undertaken a new crypto broker program and offers instant branded exchange with 400+ crypto markets, and 20+ fiat currencies for the brokers.

About VET:

VEChainThor is a blockchain platform that aims for “huge crypto adoption”. VET is a VeChain token that is utilized to add value for “smart money” on smart contracts. Therefore, any transaction that takes place on the VeChainThor network, is conducted using VET cryptocurrency.

About THETA:

The blockchain network “Theta” has its two native coins TFUEL, and THETA Coin, used for voting on the protocol changes and executing transactions. In 2017, Jieyi Long founded THETA and provides a huge range of blockchain-based solutions to any problems faced by conventional video streaming sites.

About VTHO:

Similar to VET, the VTHO coin is also launched by the VeChainThor blockchain network. It is also known as VeThor Energy. The token is utilized to power transactions on the network and is equal to the charges of transacting on the blockchain network.

The global recession has led to massive cryptocurrency adoption around the World. PayBito is affirmative about the increase in crypto adoption and adds new features and assets to its list. The crypto market may be bearish, but the traders are positive about a better outcome by the year’s end.


PayBito is a leading cryptocurrency asset trading platform operating globally. The platform is designed and managed by a team with rich experience in Banking security systems, Cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology. It is available in the web version as well as in iOS and Android stores. PayBito services include a white-label cryptocurrency exchange, white-label payment gateway, exchange affiliate, and coin listing. PayBito offers some of the best rates and top-notch security in the crypto world.

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The US-based crypto exchange PayBito has extended its crypto asset list by adding EOS, and AVAX boosting the trading possibilities for digital assets investors.


The global crypto exchange platform PayBito has expanded its crypto asset list by enlisting EOS, and Avalanche (AVAX) to its coin list. The recent addition will boost the trading possibilities for investors using PayBito. The US-based crypto exchange platform comprises trending cryptocurrencies and has been consistently upgrading its features over the years.

PayBito consists of digital assets with predominant market share such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, HCX, Bitcoin SV, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, and many more. The addition of EOS and AVAX provides new options to the users, which is also anticipated to stimulate trading activities on the top-rated exchange.

Blockchain maximalist, and PayBito chief Mr. Raj Chowdhury asserts, “The crypto bear market has not affected the courage of crypto traders. New traders are joining and investing in popular cryptocurrencies at lower prices. Keeping them in mind, PayBito has introduced new coins to facilitate diverse trading opportunities”. He has previously highlighted the importance of blockchain analytics in the crypto industry.

PayBito is globally recognized for its powerful blockchain-powered architecture. It offers seamless trading, scalability, and a pool of cutting-edge defense mechanisms against hackers. The platform is updated from time to time with a focus on investor asset protection. Digital assets added to the exchange’s coin listing need to pass stringent eligibility criteria featuring compliance with global regulatory frameworks. The strategies are observed to deliver a favorable user experience on the platform with absolute trust and security, shielding investors from cybercriminals and deceitful transactions.

PayBito has been a significant contributor to the global success of cryptocurrencies. The US-based firm has offered its innovative white-label crypto exchange solution to institutional investors venturing into crypto trading services in Japan, Canada, and various other countries. PayBito has recently launched its crypto broker program and announced discounts on its white-label solutions and products.

  • About EOS:

Launched in 2018, the EOS coin is the native token of the EOSIO network, which functions as an open-source operating system over a decentralized blockchain network.. The coin was launched by Dan Larimer who is the creator and founder of global platforms, Steem and Bitshares. The network’s whitepaper was released in 2017, and the team ran it for a year-long ICO and secured more than $ 4 billion in undertakings.

  • About AVAX:

AVAX was developed by AVA labs, built upon Team Rocket’s unique Snowflake consensus protocol. Ava Labs was established by Emin Guin, Kevin Sekniqi, and Maofan Ted Yin. AVAX is a native coin of the Avalanche blockchain system. Avalanche uses a PoS (Proof of Stake) algorithm.

The innovative solutions and state-of-the-art underpinned technology, with advanced security features make PayBito the best choice for millennial traders. The latest crypto winter couldn’t halt the enthusiasm of the traders and has only strengthened trades.

  • About PayBito:

PayBito is a leading cryptocurrency asset trading platform operating globally. The platform is designed and managed by a team with rich experience in Banking security systems, Cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology. It is available in the web version as well as in iOS and Android stores. PayBito services include a white-label cryptocurrency exchange, white-label payment gateway, exchange affiliate, and coin listing. PayBito offers some of the best rates and top-notch security in the crypto world.

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The latest project enables users to mint 6500 one-of-a-kind NFTs in its ecosystem

Splinterlands, the globally leading blockchain video game company, has announced its upcoming exclusive NFT project, Runi. The project will launch on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) and enable users to mint 6500 one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable NFTs in its ecosystem.

Users who purchase the NFT will be able to connect their Ethereum wallet within Splinterlands in order to stake their Runi. This process will allow the Runi owner to receive a one-of-a-kind profile picture of their Runi in the Splinterlands game, as well as use it as an exclusive in-game promo card that can be used in battles. Each Runi consists of 6 unique traits that make up the core aesthetic of the NFT.

Splinterlands CEO, Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, sees this as an exciting next step for the company, which continues to see hundreds of new users signing up daily.

“We’ve always been forward-thinking at Splinterlands and constantly work to give our players the best gaming experience possible,” he said. “The mint of our newest Runi NFTs will allow us to continue to provide new and exciting user experiences, while expanding the visibility of Splinterlands onto the Ethereum chain. We couldn’t be more excited about this project and the groundbreaking cross-chain interoperability that will be introduced with the launch of Runi.”

Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner of Blockchain Founders Fund, a leading Venture Capital fund that backs Splinterlands, also expressed his support.

“We are proud to be supporting Splinterlands as they continue to expand and evolve, bringing more variety and depth to their games,” he said. “Their passion and dedication to delivering new products to their ecosystem further establishes them as a leading innovator in the blockchain gaming space.”

The Runi whitelisting process will go live on September 22, 2022, where users can reserve Runi NFTs and receive a discount on the NFTs by using $VOUCHER tokens. The ability to join the whitelist will be available directly on the Splinterlands website. Subsequently, the NFTs will be available directly for purchase with $ETH on OpenSea in late October.

About Splinterlands

Splinterlands was founded in 2018 by friends Jesse “Aggroed” Reich and Matt Rosen and has since grown to become the leading blockchain game in the world. Based on fantasy-themed battles, its user base has grown beyond 2.4M+ with nearly 1M active wallets, and its total transaction volume on the blockchain approaches 5M daily. Committed to Web 3.0 technology and its unique gaming enhancements, Splinterlands enables players to trade, collect, and win rewards in groundbreaking ways. The company offers a dynamic, growing community of international users from 149 countries speaking 10 languages, and continues its consistent expansion, irrespective of the volatility of the broader cryptocurrency market. The game recently announced its significant milestone of 3 billion battles played since its launch.

Liam Labistour

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HashCash Consultants sustains its streak in blockchain excellence, featuring as the top blockchain development company in a global tech research firm’s rankings.

HashCash by Techresearch firm
Top Blockchain Development Company by TechResearcho

HashCash Consultants continues to cement its prominence on a global scale, adding yet another achievement to its list of multiple international accolades and recognition. The US-based blockchain development company was awarded the first spot among blockchain solutions providers in a global list compiled by the tech research firm, TechResearcho.

The tech listing featured the top global blockchain development companies based on multiple parameters, including the services offered, hourly remuneration, and more. The position reflects HashCash’s predominance in blockchain innovation and implementation. The organization develops multiple blockchain-powered B2B solutions for enterprises seeking an upgrade from legacy working infrastructures or planning to leverage business opportunities from blockchain-powered innovations like cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and more.

The organization is humbled by the global recognition and strives to work harder to prioritize innovation and deliver excellence.

HashCash CEO and noted blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury states, “The foundational ethos of trust and transparency, combined with a long-standing team of able professionals from diverse expert areas, enable HashCash to consistently surpass client expectations. The organization is humbled by the global recognition and strives to work harder prioritizing innovation and delivering excellence.”

HashCash integrates state-of-the-art blockchain architecture with the latest security standards and regular updates with additional round-the-clock service and maintenance support in multiple languages. The functional approach has led to successful collaborations and strategic alliances with over 100 global banks, businesses, and financial institutions.

Hashcash-designed products include white label crypto exchange, HC Net, HC Remit and HC Corporate Payments for cross-border transaction settlement, crypto payment processors, solutions for forex, banking, supply chain, crypto and NFT development, and more. The company had recently announced discounts across its white label solutions for business enterprises seeking digital transformation through blockchain.

HashCash-designed products have received global recognition and are currently being used in more than 26 countries across 6 continents. The company announced diversification plans within the Web 3.0 landscape and will enter the growing metaverse segment in the upcoming year. In recent times, the company has offered its blockchain expertise across the US, Vietnam, Singapore, and more.

The consistent proficiency in delivering the best enterprise blockchain solutions has propelled HashCash’s global growth and business partnerships. The organization hopes to make a positive impact in the worldwide scenario, built on collaboration instead of competition.

About HashCashh Consultant:

Hashcash is a global software company. HashCash Blockchain products enable enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time for Remittances, Trade Finance, Payment Processing, and more. HashCash runs a US-based digital asset exchange, PayBito & digital asset payment processor, Billbitcoins. HashCash offers exchange and payment processor software solutions, ICO services, and customized use cases. HashCash propels advancement in technology through Blockchain1o1 programs and its investment arm, Satoshi Angels. HashCash offers solutions in AI, Big Data, and IoT through its platforms, products & services. HashCash solves the toughest challenges by executing innovative digital transformation strategies for clients around the world.

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