The innovative feature would allow mortgage professionals to track their referrals effortlessly.

Mloflo update

Mloflo is excited to announce a new feature – the mlomoney button! This button reminds users to ask for referral business. Thousands of successful mortgage professionals have used mloflo to stay on top of their game, and this new feature will make getting referrals and growing your business even more effortless.

This valuable new feature will help users deepen their relationships and networks, resulting in more opportunities and success. The mlo money button is a simple yet powerful reminder for users to ask their contacts for referral business. It tracks when users have asked for referrals and keeps a record of where leads are coming from. This helps mortgage professionals stay top-of-mind with their network and deepen their relationships.

“The mlo money button is a great addition to mloflo’s already robust suite of tools,” says co-founder Derrick Doss. “Many times, you can receive a lot of referrals just by asking.”

It’s a simple way to remind users to ask for referrals, which can be a powerful source of new business. The mlo money button is another way that mloflo is helping mortgage professionals succeed.

So if you want to be successful in the mortgage business, make sure you’re using mloflo – it’s the best way to get ahead.

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