The new King K line of kratom extract products joins existing kratom shots on the market. Discover what kratom shots are & learn King K details.

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King K Liquid Kratom Shots Launch Now

There’s a new kind of kratom on the market. Kratom shots have existed for years, however recently they’re truly picking up steam amongst those who use the botanical supplement frequently. As liquid kratom has gained popularity, new brands have tried their hand at creating the ideal shot. Now King K Liquid Kratom Shots are here. Let’s dive into what kratom shots are, why they’re becoming so popular, and some of the details of the new King K Liquid Kratom Shots.

Kratom Shots
Kratom shots are growing in popularity among those who use kratom on a somewhat consistent to regular basis. Why? If someone’s normal kratom dose isn’t hitting with the same impact any more, kratom shots can be a great alternative.

Kratom shots are made with kratom extract. Kratom extract is made by taking raw kratom powder and putting it through an extraction process. The end result is a kratom product that is significantly stronger than raw kratom. If you’ve never tried kratom extract before, use caution and start slow- the effects will hit stronger than the average kratom product.

There are several brands of kratom shots on the market. However, there are some notable flaws in many of these offerings. For example, many kratom shots don’t properly disclose the true & accurate amount of kratom extract inside. By being vague about strength, kratom shot manufacturers can get away with inconsistencies in products and selling kratom shots that are weaker than reported. For consumers, this lack of clarity is problematic.

GRH Kratom has joined the kratom shot market. After over a year of formulation, design, and manufacturing, King K Liquid Kratom Shots are now available for purchase. All ingredients of King K Liquid Kratom Shots can be found on the bottle and on their website.

King K Liquid Kratoms Shot Details:

King K liquid extract shots come in 30ml bottles. There are two strengths available, Silver & Gold.

150mg Mitragynine content | equivalent to 14g raw kratom powder

300mg Mitragynine content | equivalent to 28g raw kratom powder

All King K shots are enhanced with Black Pepper Extract. Black Pepper Extract is a natural potentiator of kratom. A potentiator is any substance that makes the effects of another substance stronger. In kratom, black pepper extract naturally makes the effects stronger. Of course, kratom extract is already quite strong when compared to raw kratom powder. It’s wise to be cautious and start slow.
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King K shots are flavored with a proprietary tropical citrus blend of natural flavors. Citrus is known to make kratom stronger, and it helps mask the normally bitter, herbal taste. These kratom shots still have quite an intense flavor.

King K Liquid Kratom Shots provide:
– Natural potentiator black pepper extract for enhanced effects
– Superior taste when compared to other shots on the market
– Honest, reliable, and verifiable potency. Third-party lab tests are always available- see for yourself these shots are what they claim to be.

Try the new premier kratom shot today, and take the kratom experience to a whole new realm.

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