The world is an arena of ideas now. Ideas like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Microsoft run the world. It would be true if said that they rule the roost. So the greatest earnings for the economic and social world are coming through groundbreaking tech-based solutions and ideas.


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Greatest of the age, the one percent like Elon Musk are making the world a better place to live in. Today’s world, as we know it, does not only need leaders but creative leaders. Amazing stuff, which is always coming ahead in the global arena, is full of groundbreaking ideas. So, ideas have become an essential part of the businesses around us.

In July 2001, the amazingly futuristic, well-versed “Tesla” was founded. Just like other greatest ideas, a great automobile idea-based industry was generated to fulfill the needs of power and transport.

Now, it’s been a long time since many companies have been producing electric cars, but Tesla is building the best electric cars. To be precise, Tesla’s cars can go 402 miles in one go. Now that’s a great figure and why shouldn’t it be. Tesla cars are the best electric cars in the world.

Tesla, the company is run by Elon Musk, an amazing and shy person who knows how to make great ideas go great.

In an interview, he once said that he realized in his childhood that he had way more ideas that ran through his mind than other people. He elaborates that when he found out that the other people did not utter that many ideas those days he came to know that there were not that many ideas in their minds. So, at a young age, he realized he was special. we know that he really is special. A guy who has revolutionized several fields has a flavor for many types of engineering and has worked in a host of them.

He was the first man who made the idea of easier operatable rockets and space shuttles viable. Now, when this idea is up and running this guy has brought a revolution in space crafts science.


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Elon Musk is not the only person who believes in new ideas. People like Jeff Bezos had great ideas too. Jeff, as we know him the founder of Amazon has changed the world we knew.

It all started in 1994 when Jeff started an internet company which now is defining and rebuilding the ideas of the global village and its power of information and goods transport. Amazon is a company that deals in millions of products delivery over many countries in the world. And recently has come to Pakistan too. The idea behind this company is to give better access to the customers and a better value to start-ups and developed stores, manufacturers, and traders.

The idea of an online trading store has allowed us to be more connected to information and quality goods.


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We all know Facebook and the founder of this most famous social media “Mark Zuckerberg”. A man with ambition and a passion for computers started Facebook back in 2004. Now, it is an entire era of information, connectivity, and endless opportunities as it continues to spread like nothing else in the world. Shining like a sun on the horizon and making new possibilities come true through the potential of being globally known as accepted. This company today owns Instagram and Whatsapp too. Today, they are huge and are earning billions of dollars every year and are expected to earn more and more over time. Can you imagine the connectivity of Facebook with more than 1 billion users all over the world?


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Ideas are revolutionizing the world around us and while we are talking about them how can we forget Microsoft and their revolution in the computer science industry? Another man with ambitions named “Bill Gates” put the foundation of amazing computer use in 1985 and has now become the foundation of global opportunities and is the mother of all internet and social media-based companies. Bill and his friend Paul G. Allan started all through BASIC.

They made MS-DOS, which today, is one of the most important parts of computer software. This software was made in 1975 and later in 1985, the extension of DOS was released as a GUI or graphical user interface which now is the most successful, easy-to-use, widely used operating system in the world.

These are the people who made the face of the 21st century and the coming centuries. What they did, changed the face of the earth and today their revolution is called the developed world we know.


We would like to discuss one more hero. A friend of Bill Gates, who is the pioneer of touch devices in the world. We all know him as Steve Jobs.

A person with a vision to change the future of the computer industry. He set up his lab in his parent’s garage and started a company that went on to make next-generation computers. The struggle Jobs put in took him far enough to make a handset in 2007. Jobs wanted to make computers smart enough and small enough so that people could use them and carry them. In November Apple touchphones became quite famous and people came to know about the touchphones as smaller, portable and lighter devices. It was taken as a new invention in Asia and Europe in 2007 and 2008. Today’s touchscreen phones are just an improved version of the Apple iPhones of that time.

These people have not only changed the world but also have made billions of dollars which makes them the best 1 percent who run the world innovatively. All the people mentioned in this blog do have great vision and amazing courage. These made the common people more prosperous as well as more creative in their works and entertainment.

Please do comment on the hero you like the most and follow as an inspiration and motivation in life.

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