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Quintillion has released a guide on the JAWS Trans-Pacific fiber cable and how it will impact global connectivity. The Alaskan telecommunication company has already established a fiber-optic cable network that extends 1,200 miles under the sea and 500 miles over land. This is the first and only system in Alaska with world-class infrastructure that delivers sub-gigabit, gigabit, and terabit bandwidth services to the North American Arctic.

The beginning phase of Quintillion’s project is complete and operating, serving America’s largest oil and gas fields at Prudhoe Bay and establishing communications with satellites. The second stage is where the JAWS Trans-Pacific fiber cables come into play. This will connect Alaska to Washington State and lay a subsea cable from Washington State to Japan.

JAWS is a new Trans-Pacific fiber cable that will link North America to Japan, providing a vital link for commerce and government. There are five major reasons why this project is important:

1. It will replace the subsea PC1 cable.
2. The U.S. cable landing site in Washington State will improve diversity by adding to existing ones in Oregon and California.
3. It will provide direct access to Seattle and Portland.
4. The Japanese cable landing site in Ajiguara will provide multiple cross-connection options in Asia.
5. It will provide a cost-effective backhaul to Tokyo.

The JAWS Trans-Pacific fiber cable project is on its path to completion. The guide provides insights into how this project will positively impact the world through providing a diverse, low-latency, and cost-effective route from Washington State to Japan.

AP Telecom is also significantly impacting this project by providing commercial support to Quintillion. Those interested in how Quintillion and AP Telecom’s relationship will affect the JAWS Trans-Pacific fiber cable project can read the article to learn more.

Quintillion has equipped Alaska with the first subsea fiber optic cable network that brings technological capabilities to their communities. The innovative telecommunication company provides a wealth of information on its Resources Page to the community on upcoming projects and their impact, including industry news, media updates, and more. For more information on Quintillion’s network and future projects, visit the Quintillion website.

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