Residential treatment center Elevations RTC focuses on giving every student the best opportunity possible to have success while on campus. Success while on campus is one thing, but it’s also essential to take what is learned and apply it back home after transitioning.

Elevations RTC
Elevations RTC provides a service within their program that helps students transition back to their home life.

The entire team at the Elevations RTC facility is proud of The Approach Program as an affiliated option to make a positive transition a reality. Offered to any graduate from Elevations RTC, a smoother transition can make all the difference in the world with quality results.

Returning home is an experience every student looks forward to after graduating from Elevations RTC. It can be a challenge away from friends and family for an extended time. Most don’t live locally near Salt Lake City, which means they might be away from family and friends for close to a year.

A successful transition home is much more easily attainable with The Approach. It provides an opportunity to leave the regimen of Elevations RTC without fully returning home. The housing is a coed transitional environment that eases the transition from a lot of structure at a residential treatment center to a more laid-back home environment.

With The Approach program, three core focuses remain high on the list. Students must continue to gain essential living skills, focus on academic pursuits, and transition smoothly during their stay. Even after a successful time at Elevations RTC, there’s always the fear of slipping back into habits and challenges. Any slip is addressed while at The Approach to adjust.

The Approach program takes place in a quiet neighborhood in Syracuse, Utah. Students have the opportunity to continue the healing process and reduce the shock of going straight from Elevations RTC to home. The smaller setting away from campus allows for students to focus more on their well-being instead of constantly being around peers.

Any student who has completed therapeutic services at Elevations RTC can apply to enroll at the approach home as a way to finish off their entire time in the program. The professional staff at Elevations RTC loves offering this opportunity as another way to solidify long-term success.

For more information on The Approach, visit For more information on Elevations RTC and everything they offer, their website is Offering this solution to graduates makes Elevations RTC a standout option amongst residential treatment centers in the United States.

About The Approach

The Approach Home is a transitional housing option for teenagers after going through a residential treatment center, wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding school, and more. Affiliated with Elevations RTC, a leading residential treatment center in the greater Salt Lake City area, The Approach also offers its services to graduates from other programs.

The Syracuse Campus Leadership Team leads The Approach Program. They aim to provide information for families interested in their solution to making a return home a positive one. With the proper approach to returning home, everything learned at a residential treatment center has a greater chance of sticking.


SOURCE: Just In Bulletin

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