New Release Offers an Enhanced User Experience to Support Digital Supply Chain Transformation by Unleashing the Full Power of GAINS Supply Chain Planning

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GAINS, provider of the most innovative cloud-based supply chain planning solutions available, announced GAINS X, the latest version of the GAINS Performance Optimization Platform for Supply Chain Planning. GAINS X overcomes the traditional barriers to rapid end-to-end decision-making with its enhanced design, visual cues to rapidly upskill users and direct them to where attention is most needed, and action-oriented engagement tailored for decision-makers at all levels, from planners to executives. As GAINS’ tenth release of the proven platform, GAINS X gives businesses the actionable insights needed to address the variability that today’s supply chains must master. GAINS X was unveiled today to its customers and global partners at the 2022 GAINS Summit in Chicago.

“Supply chains are defining the winners in today’s turbulent business environment and have become a competitive advantage for those who design, plan, and execute well,” said Joe Olson, CEO of GAINS. “With GAINS X, we can help more companies achieve this state of industry excellence with best-in-class supply chain planning. Our latest version, GAINS X, directs and informs customers about the supply chain decisions that will have the greatest impact on their customer service, supply, and profitability using the most advanced user experience strategies. Designed collaboratively with direct feedback from our customers, GAINS X breaks through workflow logjams, enabling faster decision-making and helping our customers create competitive differentiation through the performance of their supply chain.”

GAINS X delivers the following capabilities, among others:

  • Visual cues to prioritized decision-making. The enhanced interface directs users’ attention to where decisions will impact their business most. Time is optimized as GAINS X directs them to where action is most needed due to supply chain variability.
  • Enhanced user experiences for executives and planners. GAINS X recognizes that different roles need access to varying degrees of summarized or detailed information to plan for success. As users interact with GAINS X, the data is presented to them in a manner that enables them to make decisions quickly.
  • Simplified access to powerful planning capabilities and cross-company collaboration. GAINS X unlocks the robust planning capabilities of GAINS and speeds up the time needed to drive positive outcomes. GAINS leverages advanced analytics and techniques, including AI & ML, to help drive better decisions across demand, inventory, manufacturing, and supply planning. Industry-leading user engagement experts developed the navigation and layout to focus on presenting analytics and decisions that are easier to use.

GAINS X is available from GAINS and its strategic partners. For more information, contact GAINS at


At GAINS, our quest is to democratize supply chain planning. The GAINS Supply Chain Performance Optimization Platform helps businesses large and small Move Forward FasterSM with greater agility, resilience, confidence, and sustainability. The GAINS AI-driven cloud platform delivers continuous cost and profit optimization via machine learning, proven algorithms, and actionable analytics for global manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service parts/maintenance operations. Innovative design combined with the GAINS Proven-Path-to-Performance (P3)SM methodology enables rapid onboarding and tangible results, including increased sales, inventory turns, and service levels at reduced operating costs in as little as eight weeks. GAINS proudly provides digital supply chain planning expertise to industry leaders like Graybar, Honda Motors, Menards, Rockwell Automation, Stuller, and Textron Aviation. For more information, visit

GAINS® is a registered trademark, and Move Forward FasterSM, and Proven-Path-to-Performance (P3) SM are service marks of GAINSystems. Other products mentioned in this document are registered, trademarked, or service marked by their respective owners.

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