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Fashion has become an important part of everyone’s life. People spend hours looking good and unfortunately not many get an appreciation for their style. Fashion TV, an international fashion television now enables fashion lovers to get rewarded for their style. Fashion TV announced the launch of its web 3.0 application that brings amazing daily challenges and rewards for users based on how they look and style themselves.

Fashion TV announced the news on their official Instagram Account and Facebook account:

“Stylike is a web 3.0 fashion app by @theftvio and backed by @FashionTV filled with challenges and tournaments in which you take photos based on the themes you get on a daily basis.

The project has been made with the idea of rewarding people who put the effort in their style and appreciate fashion.”

Stylike is the first dress to earn a web 3.0 application that aims to promote modern-day fashion. So not only good luck but also receive a reward for their Style.

Fashion TV is stepping into the world of NFT through FTVIO, the first fashion NFT platform for fashion lovers. It has now introduced its own web 3.0 application Stylike where the only thing you need is to look good.

Launching STYLIKE aims to encourage talented people to come forward and get rewarded. It will help find young talent, encourage them to try new styles daily, and make money. Sooner, major brands and stylists would join Stylike to help people in creating their metaverse avatars.

Media Details:

Company: Stylike
Contact person: Elise Rollins
Address: 2 Frederick Street, Kings Cross, London, WC1X 0ND, UNITED KINGDOM

SOURCE: Stylike

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