Popular horror streaming app Chilling enters its next stage of growth as it launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic.


RALEIGH, NC, UNITED STATES, August 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Popular horror story listening app, Chilling is excited to announce that we are launching our first investment campaign with Republic. By collaborating with Republic, Chilling can offer the community we serve the opportunity to invest. Republic is a private investment platform that allows start-ups, organizations, and entrepreneurs to seek investment for the growth of the companies. While Chilling started as a platform for listening to horror stories, it has come a long way and is quickly on its way to becoming the premier platform for the horror community. Unlike traditional streaming services, the platform offers a new way of approaching entertainment production, giving the fans a seat at the table. In addition, it provides the user complete control of the experience, allowing them to influence the content produced.

The founding team has succeeded in making its vision of Chilling a reality; this includes the recent development of Chilling 2.0. They have created a platform that is not only extraordinarily user-friendly but satisfies the horror thirst of the users with ease. In addition, they curate highly terrifying and jaw-dropping content crafted by talented creators and publish them directly on the platform.

Chilling recently announced the addition of an industry veteran Jamie Kennedy, who joined the team as an advisor. Jamie will help Chilling reach its full potential. Becoming a household name for his role as Randy Meeks in the highly popular slasher film series ‘Scream’ from 1996-2000, Jamie has also acted in other horror films such as the ‘Tremors’ series and others. He is sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience from working in the horror industry with Chilling, so they bring new elements to its current production with expert advice and out-of-the-box thinking.

On its way to accomplishing the most incredible heights in the horror industry, Chilling has added another feather to its cap by completing the Pre-Seed Accelerator Program by Newchip. The globally-famed organization has already assisted more than 1500 companies and start-ups in taking their businesses to the next level within the shortest time possible. With their help, Chilling is ready to achieve tremendous success in the contemporary horror industry and bring quality content to audiences across the globe.

Chilling is a platform that indicates a promising future, becoming a fan favorite in the horror content world. The platform aims to earn maximum revenue with its quality products and newest ventures. The platform has acquired almost $500k in annual recurring revenue, and they aim to increase it by 3X by the end of 2023. The app already has more than 13,000 monthly subscribers and 160,000+ ] user accounts as of July 31st, 2022. The Founder’s YouTube channel, “Being Scared,” has more than 350k subscribers and 50 million hours of view time. Because of the quality content, the free trial conversion rate is nearly 74%, and their monthly retention rate is 85%. The app has high ratings and excellent reviews on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. The platform was featured in Bloody Disgusting and Scream Magazine because of its intriguing content and popularity among the horror community. Another strategy the Chilling team has used is keeping the subscription cost low to attract horror fans the world over. With their powerful marketing strategy, they can spread awareness about their platform worldwide and have become highly popular within just one year.

Horror stories have a tremendous fan following all over the globe. Hollywood has always been one of the biggest suppliers of horror content. However, stagnation in production methods and risk-averse studios have become mundane and unoriginal in their approach to content development. While marque production companies make same-old recycled content that the viewers have grown bored of, the new and independent content creators fail to gain the exposure they deserve. Chilling has given such talented content creators a platform where they can share their original content that is completed with a fantastic community of fans, making it easier to bypass the big studios and connect directly with audiences.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity to be part of the Chilling story, visit our campaign page at www.republic.com/chilling

Chilling: Scary Horror Stories is an application that produces audio and video content in the horror genre. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms, offering a massive collection of scary stories with stellar narration and terrorizing ambiance sound. Find out more about the app at www.thechillingapp.com.

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