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We are delighted to share our 5th Anniversary Celebrations with you. When we first started out 5 years ago, we did not know how popular our lights for Lego sets would become.

At the time, lights for Lego sets were more or less unheard of. However, we quickly realized that Lego fans wanted something more than just building bricks. So, Lightailing was born and we began making lights for Lego sets.

Today, we are supplying more LED kits for Lego sets than ever before. We are always expanding our range. Our most popular DIY Lego lights are easy to use. If you are not familiar with us, we like to encourage you to check out our light kits from Lightailing.

Latest Additions to Light Up LEGO

Our latest Lightailing kits include lighting system for Lego Motorized Lighthouse 21335, AT-AT 75313, and Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter 42145, etc. If you enjoy making things in a different way, it’s a perfect choice. With the addition of our lighting kit, your new Lego builds can easily become the center piece of your Lego display.

Light Kits for Winter Series

Light kits for the Winter Series are also available. If you like, you can light up Santa’s Sleigh in your own special way.

On top of that, we have got a lighting kit for the Elf Club House that can make it look even more special. If you would like to light up your Christmas Wreath, we can help you with that as well.

Santa’s Visit and The Gingerbread House could be made to look even more spectacular thanks to our LED Lighting kits. And we mustn’t forget the lighting kit for the Winter Holiday train that really brings this train alive.

Light Kits for Star Wars Sets

It is hard to say where Lego would be without its Star Wars series. We think that it is one of the best series Lego has ever produced. Take a closer look at our range of LED lighting kits for Lego, and you will notice we have included several offerings from the Star Wars series.

Our range includes light kits for Star Wars BD – 1 75335 and AT 75313. We have not missed out on manufacturing light kits for the most popular kits including Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder. You can even find light kits for your favorite Star Wars Trooper helmets.

Our Accessories for MOC Builds

Recently, we have also brought out a range of accessories to make your LED light modelling experience even more creative.

Lightailing can now help you with everything from soft strip lights to flow strip lights. We even have a pulsing light strip available.

Take Advantage of Our Discount Codes

To celebrate our 5th Anniversary, we have put together special discounts. Enjoy!

Discount Codes:

50% off: 22LT50 9.23 15:00 – 9.24 15:00
30% off: 22LT30 9.24 15:01 – 9.26 15:00
20% off: 22LT20 9.26-15:01 – 9.29-15:00

Shipping is included on all orders over $49 for most of countries. You can also get 15% when you sign up to our newsletter. And you should not miss out on our Members Reward Point System – a great way to enjoy more of Lightailing innovative ideas.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Ordering from us is easy. Simply add the Lightailing kits you would like to order to your basket and we will do the rest. Free free to send us email if you have any questions.

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