Ocean water storm

Residents of Cape Breton Regional Municipality and Victoria County were advised to shelter in place as a result of rising flood waters. Both municipalities declared a state of emergency due to the extensive flooding that has affected the area.

On Sunday, after-tropical storm Fiona wreaked havoc across Cape Breton, many residents awoke to uprooted trees, damaged power poles and flooded roads.

The destructive storm swept through Cape Breton on Saturday, leaving thousands without power and toppling houses with its ferocious winds.

Officials are urging folks to hunker down and call emergency services if their shelter collapses.

As cleanup efforts begin, Mayor Amanda McDougall stated that a state of emergency for the area will stay in place for seven days.

Regional municipality spokesperson Christina Lamey urges citizens not to leave their homes as downed power lines and trees litter the roads, making them dangerous. She further added, “Emergency crew has been responding to a number of calls in the municipality, including those who have lost their roofs or had trees fall on their homes”

The following images show the destruction caused by the storm:


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