An Industry First, Athlogic’s App Brings Advanced Performance Analytics to High School Football.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 30, 2022 / Athlogic, a sports analytics company offering applications for high school and amateur teams, announced its first release with its line of football products. Athlogic’s football application provides a novel, AI-enabled data entry application that crowdsources and verifies data entry in real time. Athlogic’s verification program generates real-time statistics and performance analytics for high school football teams. Get a quick overview of Athlogic on Youtube and check out the app yourself on the Apple App Store.

Athlogic provides equal access to analytics which can be the catalyst for leveling the competitive playing field in high school football. Athlogic’s application, available at no cost to the high school, introduces high school football to the revolutionary technology currently only accessible to professional or heavily-endowed collegiate teams with access to deep technical resources. Students, coaches, parents, and fans at games using Athlogic can record granular, play-by-play statistics.

Data collected on Athlogic’s application benefits high schools in four ways:

  • Performance optimization is automatically generated through professional-grade analytics and insights for teams to make data-driven decisions.
  • Teams can upload their game film to be automatically edited and tied to plays through Athlogic Film.
  • Statistics, data, and media are available to college football recruiters at all levels to streamline their recruitment with objective analysis of athletes.
  • The Athlogic Sports Analytics Organization provides free structure and content for high school students looking to get hands-on experience in many topics in STEM while also uniting the student body.

Athlogic is the creation of CEO Jacky Levi, who’s passion for sports analytics began his junior year as the “stat guy” for his high school’s football team. He followed this passion to Florida State University to co-found the FSU Sports Analytics Organization. Through this, Jacky implemented technologies for the University’s Division I teams and co-directed the Inaugural FSU Sports Analytics Summit. Athlogic first began his senior year competing in the FSU Startup Competition, winning the award for Most Scalable Business. After his 2020 graduation from FSU, Jacky began working as a Sales Engineer at IBM. He would put all of his savings to hire developers to build a beta version of Athlogic. After several delays building the app, Jacky taught himself to code and finished building the beta version himself, publishing the app with three weeks left in the 2021 football season. During that time, Athlogic quickly grew from 5 to 180 teams across the country. After a small angel investment in the summer of 2022, Jacky left IBM to work full-time on Athlogic to finish the development of the app and to reach as many teams for the launch.

Jacky Levi, Founder and developer of Athlogic, stated, “Athlogic is the solution that I wished I had back in high school when I was taking stats by hand for my school’s football team. It was tedious and prone to errors. Elite football teams are using new technologies that give them a winning edge, protect the health and wellness of their athletes, and engage fans. It’s time for teams at all levels to have access to these benefits, not just the pros. Athlogic is on a mission to level the playing field.”

Director of Marketing, Chris Orlando added, “During my time with the NFL Alumni Association, I realized the impact that stats have on the sport. For high school football coaches looking to quickly maximize their team’s potential and raise their game, the data and insights generated by Athlogic allows them to understand the performance of their players and team. Not only this, college football recruiters subscribed to Athlogic Recruiting can view objective, in-depth profiles of high school student-athletes to remove the friction and bias in college football recruiting.”

Athlogic is available for free on the Apple App Store at:

About Athlogic:

Athlogic is democratizing access to analytics and technology in sports by offering cost-effective applications for amateur teams to collect an unrivaled dataset on teams and athletes. Athlogic tracks over 220 performance metrics alongside additional off-the-field metrics for coaches to keep track of their student-athletes. Our applications offer a friendly user experience, so even novice fans can start recording statistics quickly and accurately. For more information go to Follow Athlogic on CrunchbaseInstagramLinkedIn, and Facebook.

Media contacts: Jacky Levi
(305) 915-3611

Rich Schineller
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SOURCE: Athlogic

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