The Predictions, the Unknowns, and Its Impact on the AR/VR Market.

AR/VR Headgears

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple has applied for three new trademarks, “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor.” The consensus is that this might indicate that Apple is getting close to introducing its AR/VR headset.

Interestingly, Apple did not register the trademarks on its own. All of the records were submitted earlier this month by “Immersive Health Solutions, LLC.” According to Bloomberg, the Delaware corporation is likely a shell company used to conceal Apple’s intentions from rivals and the general public. It is a standard method frequently used by tech businesses to protect them from searches.

Rumors and Speculations
Speculations began to circulate in early 2021 that Apple was working on a mixed reality headset with 12 cameras to track hand and eye movements, and it will also use its M1 chips to power the device. The rumored price tag for the headset was $3,000.

It seems likely that “Reality One” and “Reality Pro” are both references to AR/VR headsets or glasses, with “Reality Pro” being a more feature-rich version of the device. Although some other analysts also speculate that “Reality One” could be a packaged subscription for AR/VR services, similar to how they termed “Apple One.”

It is doubtful that these headsets will be launched or announced at the upcoming Apple event on September 7th, which is expected to be the launchpad for the new iPhone and Apple Watch. Some analysts predict we will learn more about Apple’s AR/VR plan early next year.

AR/VR Trends and Possibilities
AR/VR technology is deployed in various fields, including gaming, business, healthcare, and even the military. The potential market will undoubtedly shift and accelerate as Apple gears up to enter it.

Metaverses are exhibiting this striking pattern as well. In order to create a new immersive environment that people would desire to move into, new metaverse projects are focusing more on AR and VR technology, which merge gaming with real-world applications.

Imversed.World is one example. A primary goal of this up-and-coming metaverse project is to create a fully immersive experience by combining AR/VR technologies and geo-attached lands. Users can look forward to a one-of-a-kind experience where they can travel seamlessly between digital and physical worlds and interact with their favorite avatars or gaming characters while strolling through New York City.

Keep an eye out for more information on Imversed.World:

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